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Appellate Practice

Appellate Practice

Even with success at the trial level, appeals are often a necessary part of litigation. Proper appellate advocacy maximizes the likelihood of ultimate success.

FCOMH has an appellate practice to ensure such success. In addition to prosecuting and defending appeals arising out of cases that the Firm has handled at the trial level, we have also assumed appeals of matters tried by other firms.

Our lawyers appear regularly in State and Federal appellate courts. We deal with all stages of appellate litigation, from interlocutory appeals and appellate motion practice to appeals from final judgments. We protect our clients' interests by presenting the record in the best light and by combining skillful research with clear, forceful legal arguments. The quality of our written work matches the strength of our advocacy during oral argument.

Attorneys at FCOMH have served as law clerks in Federal and State courts. That background permits the Firm to offer clients not only excellent analytical and writing skills but also insight into the judicial process, all of which are crucial to a successful appeal.

Finally, experience at the appellate level enhances handling matters at the trial level, and the Firm's appellate advocacy complements its strong trial practice. The skills used in effective appellate litigation are critical to framing issues properly at the trial level that are likely to give rise to an appeal. Those skills also enable FCOMH to produce superior briefs for trial courts. Indeed, our lawyers take pride in producing outstanding written work at all levels of litigation.